Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So I am going to Argentina in a few weeks.  All of a sudden this is feeling very real and I am both terrified and extroadinarily excited at the same time.

Thanks to some amazing people I am all set financially speaking so for the next few weeks I will be doing a lot of studying.  I'll be reading up on the country and practicing my Spanish.

I have no idea how much internet ability I'll have when I'm down there but as much as I can I will be blogging because a lot of people have expressed interest in it.

Thank you all for your support, financially, emotionally and spiritually. My earnest hope and prayer is that this will be a life-changing experience and that somehow I will be able to have some sort of positive impact for someone.


  1. my dear Joelle, what a splendid idea!!! you will have wireless internet where you live all the time- unless there is a problem with the server (which happens maybe 2 times a month).... so get your blogging fingers ready :) see ya soon!!!!!

    Your friendly neighborhood missionary,

    Robin :D

  2. Hope all is going well in Texas - you're getting acquainted with your fellow teammates and easing into a new time schedule!
    We're doing good here. The sun has been promised to us this weekend and of course we are daring to believe!
    Last night, Susan and I went to see Jane Eyre. I know you'd like it! You can see it when you get back!
    Praying for good rest and health for your body!
    Love you,